Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pacific Electric timetable cover, 1929

1934 Peugeot 301 drawing/advert

ladies with uncovered hat needle points banned from the train, 1912

Western Australian G class diesel

If it looks like a stretched NZR DE class, it may be because it was a shunter (switcher) built by English Electric, albeit at the Rocklea plant in Queensland rather than in Preston, England.

Only two examples of the G class were built: G50 (in the pic) and 51, both for the Midland Railway of Western Australia in 1963, which was taken over the following year by the WAGR.

G51 was scrapped in 1991, G50 was withdrawn in March that year and preserved by the Australian Railway Historical Society. It is on loan to the Hotham Valley Railway.

It is a Co-Co type with the prime mover an English Electric 8SVT (4 stroke, 8 cylinder) rated at 1,000 hp.

Friday, December 2, 2016

1963 Geneva Car Show poster

Egypt’s Foreign Minister meets the US Vice President-elect

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has become the first Arab official to meet with United States Vice President-elect Mike Pence since Donald J. Trump won the US presidential elections, announced the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

The meeting, held on Wednesday, saw Shoukry deliver a message from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to President-elect Trump.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid, Sisi stressed his support for strengthening Egyptian-US relations in the message delivered by Shoukry. Sisi added that the US can continue to rely on Egypt as a key partner to restore stability to the region and combat terrorism.

Meanwhile, the US Vice President-elect stressed his country’s support for Egypt, adding that he was looking forward to boosting cooperation between Cairo and Washington D.C., said spokesperson Abu Zeid.

Egypt’s President Sisi, who was one of a few world dignitaries Trump requested to meet on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly earlier this year, was the first world leader to call Trump to congratulate him on his victory.

'Gewitterflug zu Claudia' movie poster,1937

Roughly 'Thunderstorm flight to Claudia'. Obviously a German movie, 74 minutes.

The synopsis:
Lufthansa-Kapitän Hans Droste ist mit dem englischen Piloten William Crossley befreundet, der ihm im Krieg das Leben geschenkt hat. Gerade in Berlin gelandet, erhält Hans ein Telegramm seines Freundes, der ihn dringend darum bittet, nach London zu fliegen und nach seinem sterbenden Onkel Sir Reginald Crossley zu sehen. Sir Reginald hat einen einzigen Wunsch: Er möchte ein vergangenes Unrecht wiedergutmachen und bittet Hans, nach einem Mädchen zu suchen, dem er ein Drittel seines Vermögens vererben will. Bei diesem Mädchen handelt es sich um keine andere als die Flughafensekretärin Claudia, die in Hans verliebt ist. Doch der einzige Mensch, der dies weiß, ist Sir Reginalds hinterhältiger Sekretär Quist. Und der möchte das Geld auch gerne an sich bringen und ist bereit, dafür über Leichen zu gehen.
(Lufthansa captain Hans Droste is friends with the English pilot William Crossley, who gave him life in the war. Having just landed in Berlin, Hans receives a telegram from his friend, who urges him to fly to London and to see his dying uncle Sir Reginald Crossley. Sir Reginald has a single wish: he wants to make good a past injustice and asks Hans to look for a girl to whom he wants to bequeath a third of his property. This girl is no other than the airport secretary Claudia, who is in love with Hans. But the only person who knows this is Sir Reginald's sneaky secretary Quist. And he wants to take the money and is ready to go over dead bodies for it.)

1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1930 Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster

 With LeBaron Coachwork.  More pics

SNCF advertisements, 1957