Friday, August 26, 2016

Czechs show what they think of Mama Merkel and her Muslims, Prague

When she showed up there today.  The headline of the video below asserts there was 'an assassination attempt' on her, but that seems extravagent.

What this simply again shows, however, is that Mama Merkel and her sycophants are leading the EU on a path of self-destruction--which may not be a bad thing.

Amtrak's 'Pacific Surfliner' approaches Solana Beach, California, northbound

This train runs from San Luis Obispo through L.A. to San Diego. (Amtrak pic)

Rotterdam rail cleaning tramcar, Holland

One of two 2-axle cars obtained from the German firm of Schörling in Hannover; ordered in 1928 and delivered in 1930.  As can be seen they were used also as mobile billboards.

The operation was vacuum cleaner style. The two noses were water tanks and water was sprayed onto the rails. Two chisels chopped debris from the rail grooves which was sucked through two nozzles with a powerful suction.

They were withdrawn in 1975. More info and lots of pics here

de Havilland DH-114-2D, 1970s

Location not stated. Info