Wednesday, March 1, 2017

East Asiatic Company poster, 1939


ship 'Oranjefontein'

"The Oranjefontein was built by P. Smit Jr, Rotterdam, was launched on March 21, 1940 and was completed on December 20. On March 17, 1941, she was seized by the German navy. Just five months later she was damaged by bombs that fell nearby. Oranjefontein was transferred to the renamed German-Africa Lines, Hamburg, but strangely enough, she at one time was used for target practice by the Luftwaffe and U-Boats; happily she survived.

"In 1945, while briefly named Pioneer, she was used to transport refugees from the eastern German territories.

"On July 12, 1945, Oranjefontein was returned to VNSN - Holland-Africa Line, and was taken to Newcastle in the UK for a comprehensive refit. She departed on September 12, 1945, heading for the Dutch West Indies to repatriate Dutch citizens. Upon her return she commenced the Netherlands, UK, South Africa and Mozambique service.

"Like Jagersfontein, she was also sold in 1967, but unlike the Jagersfontein, VNSM sold her to a Spanish breaker. Renamed Fontein she arrived at the Bilbao breakers yard on August 11, 1967.

"Klip/Jaegers/Oranjefontein Specifications

Length: 528 ft [161 metres]
Beam: 63 ft
Draft: 30.3 ft
GRT: 10,574 t
Engines: (Klipfontein) Burmeister & Wain Diesels 11,800 BHP
(Jaegers) 2 Sulzer Type Diesels 1,800 BHP
(Oranje) B&W type Diesels 1,800 BHP
Propellers: Two
Service Speed: 17 knots
Passenger Decks: 4
Passengers: Jaegers/Oranjefontein: 100 First – 60 Tourist
Klipfontein: 104 First – 42 Tourist
Crew: Klipfontein 120 – Jaegers/Oranjefontein 110
Livery: Black hull, white superstructure. Black funnel with orange band & red boot-topping"

Egypt refuses entry to top Palestinian leader, deports him to Jordan

Cairo airport security denied the Palestinian Fatah Central Committee chairman Jebreil Al-Rajoub entry to Egypt. He was deported promptly from the airport and boarded a flight back to Jordan.

Rajoub was coming to Egypt to attend an Arab League conference on extremism. However, he was informed upon his arrival to the airport that he is not allowed to enter the country.

None of the Egyptian authorities released a clarification statement. Al-Rajoub told Agence France Presse that the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports was waiting for him in the airport to head to Egypt’s Red Sea city of Sharm Al-Sheikh to attend the conference.

Consequently, the Palestinian Minister of Justice and the entire Palestinian delegation had to withdraw from the conference in protest to what happened to the Fatah leader.

Monday, February 27, 2017

'W' for railroad whistle

In advance of a grade crossing.  You might think that 'whistle' is archaic as diesels and electrics have horns, but it's traditional.  Another thing which is traditional is that the sequence of 2 long, 1 short and then 1 long blast in North America is Morse Code for Q meaning "the Queen has Right of Way."