Friday, April 28, 2017

World Press Freedom rankings, 2017

The map shows the picture in different countries according to Reporters Sans Frontiers (reporters without borders).  Palest = best, black = worst. Again we question how the situation in Sweden and Germany can possibly be considered "good" when the media are under threat not to report crimes committed by Muslim migrants, or if they do, the ethnicity and religion of the offenders may not be mentioned.


Tours train station, France, circa 1970

Dating originally from 1846, this building is from 1898 with four allegorical limestone statues of cities by Jean Antoine Injalbert (Bordeaux and Toulouse) and Jean-Baptiste Hugues (Limoges and Nantes). In 1984 the station was classified as a monument historique.

 Although it looks substantial from the outside, it only has 2 platforms.

vehicles in Belgium, 1951

Location not stated, but it looks like a canal fence in the foreground.  What is that truck on the left?

SNCF 4-8-2

The 241.P 'Mountain' type was built for express passenger trains. A total 35 units were produced by Schneider et Cie of Le Creusot from 1948 to 1952 and used until 1973. This example was seen in 1967. Introduced as large scale electrification of the SNCF was already underway, they were the last new class of passenger steam locomotives in France.