Saturday, October 1, 2016

coupled diesel multiple units in Tel Aviv north station, Israel, 1956

A colorized photo showing recently arrived sets from Maschinenfabrik Esslingen of West Germany.  Twelve of these 3-car sets were supplied as part of a reparations agreement between West Germany and Israel.

Similar to the West German VT08 class, the 3-car sets comprised powered cars, intermediate cars and driving cars; some were later extended to 4-car sets with intermediate cars. In the early 1960s the sets were converted to non-powered coaches in push-pull service because of high maintenance costs. They were withdrawn in 1979, but some carriages continued in regular services into the 1990s.  One trailer is preserved by the Country Museum in Tel Aviv.

1985 Foden S108 truck and trailer art

Women aren't noted for an interest in trucks, but here's one who is not only interested in them but paints them: from the Auto Art by Rochelle Facebook page

tram in Onehunga, Auckland, 1920s

Electric, although postcard publishers seemed to like erasing the trolley wires.  See earlier posts and our books for more.

Air France/Ala Littoria poster, 1938

Showing a Dewoitine D.338 flying over Rome.

'I love reading a good book in the garden'

Lozier Motor Company advertisement, 1913

This Detroit-based company lasted from 1900 to 1915.  The Big Six and Light Six models dated from 1913.

a German trucker's Muslim migrant humor

1955 Tatra 111R truck promo

sightseeing buses at Jericho, Jordan, circa 1960

They look American but we're not sure exactly what.

Friday, September 30, 2016

for NSW railway modellers - V interurban electric sets in HO scale are available

From Auscision models -- webpage

For details on the prototypes, the book Railway Electrification in Australia and New Zealand is good.