Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Michael Moore endorses Donald Trump

driverless truck makes a beer delivery in Colorado

Full article and video

A self-driving truck built by Uber's unit Otto made a pioneering delivery of beer in Colorado last week, Otto announced on Tuesday.

The 18-wheel semi-trailer loaded with Budweiser made the 120 mile (200 km) trip from Fort Collins through the center of crowded Denver to Colorado Springs using only cameras, radar and sensors to read the road.

The truck carried a professional driver, but he simply monitored the progress from the truck's sleeper berth behind the driver's seat.

1949 Mercury

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

'I can't understand those who have no books'

tram on Shakespeare Road, Napier, 1920s

Beginning its climb over the Napier Bluff to Port Ahuriri.  Trams ended in Napier with the earthquake of 3 February 1931.  For more, see earlier posts and our books.

1960 De Soto Diplomat station wagon

This was the second to last model year for the DeSoto marque; see the earlier post.

Sabena poster, 1923

One notes in the bottom right corner 'subventionné par le gouvernement' or Government subsidized.

a Dg with fruit for Auckland, 1965

Seen at Spring Creek north of Blenheim. For lots more, see our books.

A $5.6 million Chinese amusement theme park in Egyptian desert

How bizarre... "The theme park is quartered under different themes; the first we should tell you about is Dinosaur Park, because it's the first of its kind in all of Egypt. This is for the tiny Ross Gellers who get excited at the mere thought of prehistoric creatures. The second is Water World, which we're assuming will be thronged with moms, dads, and kids come summer season. Now, our favourite is Candy World, because, well, you can imagine why. Automative World is the fourth plot, where you'll find Go Karts, classic bumper cars, and laser cars. Plus they have one ride that takes you around the five [seven?] continents."

SP and Shasta

A Southern Pacific 5-unit lash-up with a southbound freight train by the Sacramento River, with an SD45 on the point, 1973.