Tuesday, December 12, 2017

metre gauge mountain line between Vernayaz and Salvan, Switzerland, circa 1915

On the then 3rd rail electrified line, which still uses a cog wheel system, between Martigny and Le Chatelard, see earlier posts.

street trains in Volos, Greece, 1910s

Some info here

motorcycle fridge delivery, Vietnam

Perhaps the smaller box contains intended contents for it.

New York: 'allahu-akhbarist' injures 4 near the Port Authority bus terminal

He injured himself with burns and 3 other people also reported to local hospitals for minor injuries like ringing in the ears and headaches.

Obviously the intent of the 27-year-old Bangladeshi perpetrator was to achieve more mayhem than that, but his pipe bomb he was wearing failed to explode as he intended.

Daily Mail (UK) article